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Visual storyteller / Curator / Journalist

He is a multimedia journalist, independent photographer and filmmaker with more than ten years of professional experience photographing weddings, advertising, and editorials. With his deep passion for documentary photography, he pursues a lot of long-term documentary work. He also writes and photographs for various media houses.

Wedding-Documentary Photography

With over a decade of experience in photographing and documenting weddings in almost every corner of India, he is the backbone of this system. Pretty much always on the move, he captures real moments from grand destination weddings to small, intimate functions in your home’s backyard. Candid, timeless, honest and relaxed – that’s exactly his style. A believer of the power of storytelling in photographs, meet Nishal, our founder.

More up his sleeves

He’s the creative brain behind DropDstudio, a creative studio based out of Bangalore which offers a wide array of photography and multimedia services. He is also the chief curator of everydayindia Instagram handle.

You can explore his advertising and commercial portfolio on his studio website.

Having worked with both Print and Online Media, he has been involved with NGO’s like Action Aid, Cry, Tata Trusts, Save the Children, Sukhibhava as a documentary photographer and filmmaker. His bag isn’t full yet; his commercial portfolio and documentary projects are up on his studio website. 

He is currently represented by NurPhoto and Getty Images and regularly contributes his images to wire services. Find more about his personal body of work and documentary projects on nishallama.

Meet Our Team


Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, who can deny, right? And when she looks back at those gorgeous wedding images years from now, she wants to be reminded of a day full of vibrant and intimate stories. She believes that the pages of your wedding photo book should be a true reflection of your wedding day. Having worked in aviation and client servicing for years, and travelled around the world, she connects with human emotions the most. She’s constantly motivating and inspiring the team. She is also the first to talk to the client and the last to say bye. Meet Alisha, our Co-Founder.

devashish pradhan


Guess without whom the team would lose the spirit to go on despite all odds? It’s this man right here! He’s the one to bring us all together. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science didn’t diminish his love for the visual medium. Hooked on photography for eternity, his first camera came to him after his third job. Travelling to different places and exploring their culture and food fascinates him ever since. A soul and mind of the hills, he enjoys basking in the glory of nature. His cooking skills will uplift your mood at any point in time! His ultimate love being pictures, meet Devashish, our Photographer and Producer. We exist because he does. 


A Malayali by birth, he has spent most of his time around Bongs and in the Himalayan hills. He’s currently back home and indulging in visual storytelling. He loves the journalistic approach and narrative style in films. His inclination to show reality is the aspect of storytelling that he admires. With a masters in Media and Communications, he has also worked in a production house. His degree in English and visual skills make him a steal! Meet Joel, our Cinematographer and Editor.

romita ghatak


She’s usually fiction-writing at resto-bars or busy reading what goes into her skincare. Other times, she’s indulging all her senses to feel, realise and write about the beauty of the world and the people in it. She loves reading pictures; experiencing the layers, thoughts and stories behind and in the lens. Social media consumes 18 hours of her day when she’s not on a budget-friendly solo trip. She’s a proud doggo mama who loves exploring the human psyche. She’s easy to poach with some Margherita, Tales of Woe, and Ludovico. Meet Romita, our Content-Head.


Joining us all the way from The City of Joy, Poorva is our new Content Specialist. Her favourite job is shredding- be it shredding colours out of the canvas or shredding a bunch of papers while coming up with new copywriting ideas. She loves weaving stories about Indian weddings with all that gala and craze. Inspired by the classic Fevicol ads, she took a degree in Communications and aspires to become an excellent Marketer. She is a big-time foodie, loves to eat and also makes others eat with her. She can be your partner for those hundreds of mid-day chai sessions. Meet Poorva, our Content Specialist.


From Storytelling to Influencing and Copywriting, here’s our Jack of All Trades. Hey, he’s quite the master too! A marketer since as far as his memory takes him, he has been professionally exploring this blooming field since the 11th grade. An Engineer by Degree, A Marketer by Profession and An Astronomer by Hobby, that’s him. With his intense knowledge in the field of The Origin and the Fate of the Universe, meet Rishi, our Digital Media & Marketing Head.

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