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The best part of being a wedding photographer on your wedding day is the Wedding Album that you get as part of the wedding package along with the digital copies.

Agreed, this is the digital era and we carry smartphones with Cameras with higher pixels than ever. Obviously, we are creating memories at the drop of a hat. But the question is, will these images last for a decade, or two? How about 50 years from now? The obvious answer is digital images are more vulnerable and temporary. This is the modern paradox. 

Let’s face it. Printed photographs have got certain depth and latitude that can never be replaced by any digital images. Long after the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten, the music has ended, and the guests have left, it’s the images of your wedding that will bring back the joy of that special day. And without a doubt, you’ll definitely want a special place to store and revisit all of the moments you hold dear. 

Drawing on my experience as a documentary photographer and having worked as a photojournalist for several years, I enjoy this part. This is where the main story unfolds. The wedding photo book that you get from as, at Dropdstudioweddings, comes with a narrative. We spend a lot of time selecting and sequencing the images in a way that it can tell the story of your wedding just the way it had taken place. Believe you in us. It takes years of experience to hone your skills as a storyteller. This aspect, almost as important, is selecting, editing and displaying the images in a way that gives you a good narrative of the day.

Most photographers will now probably offer a digital-only package, where you will receive a USB drive containing the edited images. This does keep the initial cost down, but you will eventually want to see those memories displayed beautifully in an album.

When it comes to the look of your wedding photo book, the variety of materials and colours are seemingly endless. 

How it Works ?

The prints will last for more than 100 years and you get a flush-mount wedding album that opens flat. Leather (faux or natural) and linen are classic choices that will steal the show on your coffee table while standing the test of time. 

We design the Pages

We professionally Design the Pages keeping your style in the mind.

You approve the Pages

You receive online previews. Design get printed post your Approval.

You Select the Album

Your receive Album/Prints get Delivered in comfort of home.

If you want a quick taster of the kind of photography that I shoot, then you may want to see a complete wedding set in one of these weddings  

Wedding Photobook’s that you get from us:

Canvas wraps

Eco Leather

Jute album

Linen print

Silk album

Modest Eco Leather


Leather Wood

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