Divya + Varun | Engagement in Goa, Wedding in Hyderabad

I was on a sabbatical from wedding photography for three years of my life. When you leave something behind, sometimes the only way to remember how much you love it is to get back to it. Anand, the brain behind creativechisel.com, reached out to me on a quiet evening. It was about an engagement in Goa, and it sounded like the kind of work I love doing. Anand felt it would be a lovely collaboration if we could phonograph this wedding together. And that is how I made my comeback in wedding photography. I am thankful to all the collaborations I made over the last few years.

The hospitality of the family touched me since the moment I stepped out of the airport. We had people lovingly receive us, take us to the hotel, and align our luggage in our rooms. In the other rooms of Cidade de Goa, Huda Beauty was transforming Divya into a diva for her engagement. The ambience was full of joy and sparkling colours. A bottle of champagne and a very delectable chocolate cake is the physical counterparts of their emotional happiness! While the groom enjoys himself, a moment of emotions put us to a halt: the bride’s dance with her father. Some rituals later, we walk into the next chapter: marriage.

I found this beautiful invitation card in my room in Taj Krishna, Hyderabad and I spent a couple of minutes appreciating it before getting back to work. Divya’s sister ensures there’ll be no dull moment at her sister’s marriage, so she’s busy trying to get the boys to match their dance beats. But, men will be men. Doesn’t mean they shy away from trying their best in the lounges. Our foreigner friends, however, save their best efforts for the night.

A band from the army walks down the red-carpet setup for the evening, which is a full-on Bollywood style party. After all, the father of the groom is Col. Venkat Rao. The bride shares some very comfortable moments with her in-laws, with her groom right beside her; while the beautiful ladies take off their heels and stilettos to begin their Deepika-like dance performance. But guess who’s the real star of the night? Yes, her! With all the men in the house hooting for her, she’s the star tonight.

Remember the boys practising in the lounge? Well, they put up a great show too, just like the beautiful ladies on stage. The night closes with a lovely couple-dance by Varun and Divya, but they take the party indoors, where the real madness begins.
Marriage, as always, is built on prayers, rituals, traditions and culture. A prayer for the groom at his place and a sweet, warm gathering at the bride’s start off the next day. With a spread that’s so mouthwatering, you can barely look away, to a table so well-presented, it’s royalty. The bandwalas wait as the rest of the family gets ready for the finale of this wedding. The soft shade of the Sherwani elevates the groom’s friendliness, just like the bright pink saree makes Divya the most beautiful bride. With advice and suggestions whispering in the air, the bride’s finally ready to be on stage with her groom. Varun is seen to be enjoying the love of being the groom, while the baraat dances their heart out. Our groom shows us some of his steps too.
The bride and the groom meet each other and take their seats to seal the deal of a lifetime. With a rich display of rituals and traditions, the couple enjoys every moment of this union. They are ready to take on the world, together, with a smile, hand-in-hand. And with that, this extravagant wedding promises new beginnings and leaves us with a garland of memories.
Before I take your leave, let me thank Anand once again, for bringing me back to the exciting and emotional world of Wedding Photography.

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