Dolly & Carlos | Beautiful Goan wedding in the coastal Destination

I must tell you, even before you begin to scroll, that the bouquets will stay with you throughout this page. You’ll find them notoriously beautiful on the baby girl’s head, almost stooping down her temple. You’ll find them wrapped delicately in the hands of the bride. You’ll find them in silent corners of the frame, and you’ll find them under the sun and the sky.

A Christian boy from Goa, the apple of his mother’s eye, and a beautiful Bengali girl meet in presence of the flowers and the bouquets, and rituals and traditions. The simplicity of the bride’s father’s emotions shines through his glasses as he lets go of his beloved daughter. Meanwhile, I found myself catching a few bored minutes of the younger lads and gals in the room! The contrast of the vintage church against the youth children showed the consistency of relationships and customs across generations. 

Carlos and Dolly, our protagonists, read the vows in presence of the Lord, while the Priest showers blessings of Christ, and Mother Teresa!

However, unlike love, vows aren’t improv! They seal all their promises with the kiss of love, in health and sickness, in this beautiful wedding in Goa.

In the joyous celebration of new beginnings, twirling in white and violet, we see the bride, the groom, and the little ones. Maybe, the rituals prove the love to the world. Almost like an elan.

As Dolly and Carlos kiss each other, the room fills up with smiles and teases! How culture sets us apart and love weaves us together! They dance the night away and couples who have walked down this path a while ago, stare at them dreamily. Maybe walking down the memory lane, maybe dreaming of another such night. Some frames show us the child in a big man and the curiosities of childhood. How life transpires through each soul, lives a different story, and walks into another, fresh as new! Yet love, such as Dolly and Carlos’ stay, and make us believe in time and fate again.

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