Anitha & Srinath | The Tamarind Tree Wedding

Much like you already know by now, The Tamarind Tree is one of my favourite venues for marriage in Bangalore. When Anitha and Srinath decided to get married there, I was elated. The opening frame is a bright portrayal of their relationship. Comfortable, happy and in love. Just like their families. Srinath is welcomed traditionally and he sure enjoys the royal treatment. 

Anitha looks at her groom with a smile, while his yellow sunglasses catch our attention. Not just ours, to be honest! The light and shadow play on while I capture a few portrait shots of the bride. 

On another corner, the foreign friends get Mehendi designed on their hands with excitement and surprise. Their smiles make me believe they really enjoyed the process. While the bride gets her Mehendi on, her friends proudly display theirs to hers. This ceremony soon sees the light of the eyes in the groom and the bride as they dance the night away with each other. In another frame, I capture the couple, with a frame of theirs, painted. 

The Tamarind Tree amazes me with their traditional setup every time; the aesthetics of the trees, the chalk painted on the floors, the subtle shades of spring in the flowers, all of it comes together to bring an essence of traditional culture to the marriages. 

Anitha and Srinath begin with their traditional South-Indian wedding rituals, and just like me, I hope you wonder what the bride’s mother whispers to her. A couple of tears and smiles later, the newly married couple share a few moments with her other, glistening in the sun. 

Srinath, our groom, had met with an accident which resulted in multiple fractures in his hand just some days before the wedding. He was on heavy painkillers during the wedding. We might have missed out on a lot of portraits of the couples, but my studio strobes definitely helped me capture their moments. But did you, for once, feel the pain in his smiles? His wedding spirits would show none!

Anitha gets decked up in a gorgeous gown, while the lights lit up her face. The couple compares to royalty in their grace and grandeur. And like always, Tamarind Tree surprises me with the warmest of lights, white veils, simplistic yet majestic. In this Tamil-Brahmin wedding, we see traditions speaking to us in volumes. The thread on the father of the bride, the food served to the guests, the rituals and customs. Anitha is dressed in typical south-Indian attire, and she glows in the warmth of this new relationship and her red saree. Her mother walks her down the aisle, where she finds her groom waiting for her. Promises and rituals later, we see the couple sharing a smile. They have found their true matches, indeed. The morning light almost coaxed me into some more monochrome shots, where the play of light and shadow was mesmerizing. But the colour of devotion in the bride’s eyes must show in all shades possible. The family blesses the couple with their smiles as they tie the knots and promise their love in presence of their loved ones. 

Like always, the rituals tiresome, flourish some. The couple surely flourished with their gorgeous heartfelt smiles, and our groom did great despite the painkillers. Such are the powers of the union of love!

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