Geetanjali and Vivek — Arya Samaj Marriage at Taj West End, Bangalore

By the time, Geetanjali and Vivek decided to get married, I had already photographed a couple of weddings in Geetanjali’s family. I had become familiar with the family, especially her cousins.

The Arya Samaj wedding took place at Taj West End in Bangalore and was followed by simplistic and minimalistic Arya Samaj rituals. The wedding remained etched in my memory, because of Mr Ramanathan, Geetanjali’s father. He took the effort to translate the wedding rituals into English so that the bride and the groom, and the guests could understand the meaning of the holy words. It was a ritual followed often in Arya Samaj Weddings. Not to forget, Vivek, our groom, who is an ardent lover of Cricket and had played with Kingstonian Cricket Club. His love for Cricket shines bright when you see him talking to his best man on the day of the wedding. While Geetanjalil was getting her makeup done, her mother came by to meet the groom, just to see they were busy discussing cricket!
This wedding has a happy vibe about it with its cheerful people and loving ambience. Geetanjali looked gorgeous with the Mehendi detailed till her elbows, with intricate designs that reflected the culture of India. Despite living in the UK, the couple had decided to come down to India to celebrate their marriage with their loved ones. The cultural bonding was so beautiful between the different young and the old. But what catches our attention is how Vivek’s caught discussing cricket now and then. With well-lit rooms and frames, we capture different emotions as we walk through the album. The loving conversations and familiar touches between families, and the jokes shared between the couple capture the true essence of this wedding at Taj West End. Even in their simplistic rituals, their dedication to follow the traditions and be a part of it all was worth remembering. You see, you’ll come across a moment where Geetanjali holds Vivek’s hand in the middle of the celebrations, and that is a moment that talks about their relationship. The groom’s best friend came up with a very emotional speech that left the whole room teary-eyed. But that did not stop them from dancing and enjoying even more! The young and the old, the men and the women, everyone moved as their hearts desired.
On the final day, while the bride gets ready, the groom is seen speaking about shots from a cricket match! What a passionate act!
Yet, when the moment arrives, and Geetanjali arrives in her car, beautifully decked-up, ready to be married to the love of her life. Pictures are captured in an iPad, pictures of joy, love and traditions. Pictures that show the bride’s father’s endeavours to explain the holy rituals. Pictures of true union. This wedding wouldn’t have been what it is, without the smiles and hearts of the families, and of course, of our love-struck couple.

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