Arpitha & Aaron | Catholic wedding in Bangalore

I met Arpitha and Aaron at another wedding, and here I was, capturing theirs! At this grand Christian Wedding, Arpitha has only one request. Me being present with my lenses during her make-up. And I truly made the most of it. The contrast between the greys and blacks of the men and the glorious whites on the bride, speaks about the varying shades of marriage. The swag of the men in their matching socks with the floor took my eyes off for a couple of minutes during the prayers at the groom’s house.

In the makeup room, the veil covers the corner of her eyes as it tears up, and the beautiful bride replaces it quickly with a smile. 

At the Holy Ghost Church, the groom and his best men anticipate for the bride in his most dashing attire. With happiness and anxiousness dawning in, our groom walks in with his parents, followed by his gorgeous bride. They look like a match made in heaven; being surrounded by angels just makes it more reassuring! Their smiles take up all the space in the frames, and their love shone brightest under every light. 

The reception was only grander than the wedding at the church. Palace grounds lit up with grandeur and joy that spilt over. The cocktail night is lit up with toasts and laughter, stolen looks and shy eyes, while the bridesmaids look at the bride with hopes, dreams and warm wishes as she transforms into her glorious self. The girlfriends toast to love and life, as they said their words for Arpitha and Aaron. Beyond all laughs and music and speed, the love between Arpitha and Aaron transcends time and brings it to a halt with their dance- this is what love truly looks like!

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