Asha & Stevie | A fairytale wedding in Bangalore

Well, what can I say about this wedding! The bride, Asha, happens to be my photographer friend, Abhishek’s sister. A bit of history here. When I started photographing weddings ten years ago, it was largely because of him, who was part of a wedding photography boutique studio called StudioRed in Bangalore then. We have been in contact ever since and have photographed quite a few events together.

So, when Abhishek asked me if I could photograph his sister Asha’s wedding, I was more than happy to say YES! That’s how I met Stevie, Asha’s husband. And seeing both of them together, I realised what unconditional love meant.

I could go on and on talking about what made this wedding so unique and unfordable for me. But I would rather let the photographs do the talking instead. In a nutshell, this is one wedding that will go down the history for many years to come.

With a perfect outdoor location and a decor that was especially thought by the family, and Lincy, Aisha’s sister-in-law who made beautiful hand-painted glass decorated with eggshells that look like stained bottles, this event almost had all their loved ones involved. I guess that’s why the unexpected rain in the evening reception didn’t spoil the spirit of the couple or any of the guests attending the reception.

Asha and Stevie — what can I say. Thank you for letting me photograph some of these timeless memories. It was an absolute honour and delight to photograph your wedding in Bangalore.

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