Sangeetha & Satpal — Wedding at the beautiful Sommerhouse in Bangalore

Some marriages are the true reflection of what a diverse country we live in! Like the one at the Summer House in Bangalore. It wasn’t a mere beautiful outdoor wedding destination, it was where dreams and marriages came true. Sangeetha, who hails from Kerala and looks no less than royalty in her wedding lehenga, decided to give her heart and soul to Satpal, a Sindhi with a smile stolen from the stars, under the vows of marriage. Subtly lit, but gorgeously beaming with smiles, the decor was put up by happyknotsindia. 

When Sangeetha and Satpal look at each other, you cannot look beyond them. Their happiness nods with each other. There are so many emotions fluttering in the air: the father’s heavy heart and the girlfriends’ teasing smiles. All for the joyous union of love through this intercaste wedding.

Satpal opens his arms wide to put a smile on Sangeetha’s face, and a measure to his unfathomable love for her! Her face soon adorns the rosy cheeks and red lips, and she embodies the beauty of a Malayali Bride in her red lehenga. Reliving her childhood one more life, she slowly walks across the musicians and towards her Sindhi husband, whose turban looks exquisite. Rich traditions and rituals followed by stealing happy glances at each other, they take the pheras and weave a life of togetherness around the blazing fire. They enter into a phase of warmth and love, walking past all that they have been, before this holy union. 

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