Sheena & Leroy does it in style | A catholic wedding at Bangalore

Some weddings are more of a party than a ceremony. Like this beautiful Catholic wedding at Saint Anthony’s Friary Church, in Bangalore. Their lives are in Doha but they decided Bangalore be their wedding destination. 

The veil is about to fall against the tresses of the bride, but just then, Sheena looks at me with the most gorgeous smile. She fixes the last hair out of place, and she’s ready to be the bride of the day. 

The church awaits her, as does Leroy. The smile on the groom’s face against the curiosity of the little girl and boy tell us so much about the moment. More prayers in happiness, more curiosity from the kids. The vibes of a Christian wedding were vivid in the gowns and the dresses. The devotion in the prayers of the bride and the groom falters against the curiosity and boredom of the younger ones at the church. As Sheena puts on the ring on Leroy’s finger, the smile of the bride makes you pause and look. After a round of prayers, followed by another, and another, we start catching a couple of yawns here and there, and then suddenly, Leroy’s eyes are moving closest! Their signatures and love are registered and they move out of the church, their happiness beaming through the windows of the car. The women, the mothers, however, take a few more minutes to say their prayers to the Lord in silence. 

The serenity of the church has now moved to the EDMs of Bangalore. With a celebratory cake cutting ceremony, Leroy takes upon him the duty to make his wife smile, to make her feel loved. In the next few minutes, this marriage becomes a party. The young, old and the couple participate in all the events and games, dancing their heart out with each other and the rest of the room and the room is filled with the joys of a union that’s purely out of love. Sheena and Leroy steal the show with their fun-filled personalities and their grooves and moves. We end the day with confessions of love and hoping for forgiveness through trying times, and wishing this marriage remains as beautiful as the day was.

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