Arpitha & Shreyas — an exquisite wedding at the beautiful Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree weddings have a special place in my heart. The wedding of Arpitha and Shreyes was an extremely fun one. During these three days at Tamarind tree, I had the opportunity to photograph this wedding extravaganza, which was followed by a Mehendi at home, the wedding and finally, a grand reception at the same venue.
Tamarind Tree leads decorations while reminding everyone about the beauty of the traditional bright orange marigolds, and the yellow dahlia! The Mehendi ceremony holds a lot of value to the women, after all, the depth of the colour would pronounce the intensity of the love of their partners for them! That’s quite the bet. The coconut announces good luck as it breaks apart against the floor, but our furry friend does no less to put a smile on our faces. The families meet and greet each other with warmth and familiarity, in hugs and kumkum. Our groom has, by now, taken the centre stage of tradition and rituals, as his family members look on peacefully. And in some moments, the couple poses together for me, and the bright day shines brighter as they smile. Her golden yellow saree with pink borders put royalty to shame! The innocence in her spills over her eyes and onto our frames. Arpitha and Shreyas look at each other with more happiness than love alone can bring. The traditional shehnai begins and sets the mood of this marriage for all. A traditional wedding at The Tamarind Tree must remind our senses of our culture.
The flowers of the women’s hair, the Mehendi on their hands, and their dreams in their eyes- yet the innocence of childhood can fathom none at all!
The couple holds each other in an embrace that promises love and infinite memories, and while they enjoy the moment, the elders of the house steal happy evidence of the same! The venue has paintings depicting intimacy, a true reflection of the ceremonies of marriage. And in this surge of emotions, the elders recreate a moment or two, too. The young hearts dance gracefully while the elders smile and enjoy the show, but the bride and the groom don’t miss their chance for a dance! The best men dance, followed by a party that leaves everyone happy and exhausted.
The madness of headstands and the colours of the night made it worthy of remembrance.
Later, the women of the house deck themselves up for another traditional ceremony with the music of the land and the threads of South. The beauty in the frames is in the accomplice that the women are surrounded by, how delicately they extend their help while the other’s busy. The women finally stand in a line, beautiful and radiant, yet Arpitha manages to steal our hearts with her smile every time. Rich in customs and rituals, this marriage is a visual treat to the traditional Indian culture, with the bride in her Doli, and a miniature doll in her hand, the floor surrounded by dancing women, and the elders blessing them with all their hearts.
Gracefully, we find technology slowly making its way through traditions, with its presence reaffirming itself, tucked in the priest’s lungi! A true embodiment of happiness and love in this marriage at The Tamarind Tree. Might the property interest you, have a look at their website at

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