Priyanka & Gagan | Wedding at the magnificent Panchavati the pavilion

I began exploring this wedding at Panchavati, the pavilion from the day of their Sangeet, where the young and the old twirled just the same. On the day of Independence, this lovely couple decides to tie the knot.
They both adorned in royal blue, looked like the perfect couple. But the kid in maroon is still single! The three-layered cake could make you go angry in one look, while the quirky dance moves by the young and the old could blow your mind. You could also see the ‘ribs and paunches of passion’ in their dance! And these moments are captured by me and the mobile generation, while the stage is set on fire by the elders. The latter also draws the floor with designs from chalk-water to indicate the traditional way of doing things. The youngsters explore the age-old methods of the same. And then, finally, we get to see the bride and the groom. Sophisticated and engrossed at the moment, Priyanka and Gagan walk on their path.
Hot food was served in the traditional banana leaves, with Bisleri water served. Gagan looks grand as he adjusts his button in the mirror while we see the women adjusting their drapes. And then, with a whiff of happiness, Priyanka and Gagan embrace each other within the walls of our frames. The colour of the Mehendi bore witness to their love. Rounds of marigold led us to a silhouette of Lord Ganesha, with kumkum dots on the forehead. The fairy lights make the evenings and selfies much more beautiful on the wedding night. The couple still manages to take the spotlight with their love and smiles.
The hot, Indian red gravy almost begs to be devoured, while the waiters share a smile with me. You know, they served jalebi with rabdi too! A series of pictures to show you the patterns of culture and food habits. And a few more, where women help each other to tie flowers in their heads. Just like flowers are spread on the groom’s head later on. The bride, Priyanka, receives a miniature of a bride, almost to indicate the beginning of her new life.
Even though I have been to so many ceremonies, their vows and pheras made me smile. Their young and fun spiritedness was contagious. But even the best marriage ceremonies can’t grab the attention of young kids on their mobile phone games. And we walk the road with the couple enjoying a walk on this beautiful bright day.

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